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Ways to Treat Back Pain When You Have a Chronic Injury

3 Popular Ways to Treat Back Pain after Chronic Injury

There is not much more troublesome and uncomfortable than treating back pain. Those who have lived with it for much of their lives will try almost anything to get relief. Whether the pain was caused by an injury to your spine, nerves, or muscles, you want immediate and long-lasting relief. Luckily, there are ways to treat back pain that can help.

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Home Treatment

First and foremost, do not treat back pain yourself at home without first consulting a medical professional. Depending on the injury, ice and heat can ease the pain and inflammation. Use ice or heat for no more than 15 to 20 minutes waiting at least two hours between uses. Simple stretches and yoga can also help relieve back pain by stretching and relaxing the muscles and discs along your back.

It’s been said many times, but if you are overweight, losing those extra pounds can relieve stress on your back and help to treat back pain. Movement is good to treat back pain. You should not sit, stand, or lie in one position for long periods of time. Adjust your position regularly to avoid stiffening in your back.


Over-the-counter medication can be helpful to treat back pain for short-term usage. Ibuprofen can relieve inflammation and assist with pain management. Acetaminophen can help with pain management as well. No medication should be taken long-term without speaking with a medical professional.

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Other medications can be prescribed as well that can help manage inflammation or relax the muscles in your back. Steroidal injections can reduce pain and inflammation along your spine. These injections may offer relief for two to six months, but must often be repeated for continued pain relief.

Medical Treatment

Medical professionals have other options for back pain management. Physical therapy is often used to build and strengthen the muscles in your back and along your spine as well as stretching the spine itself. Radiofrequency ablation and a spinal cord stimulator are low invasive procedures that can help with pain relief.

If the issue is severe enough, there are more invasive procedures that can be used such as disc replacement and spinal fusion. Your doctor will be able to discuss all options to treat back pain to come up with a plan that is best for you.

Regardless of the cause of your back pain, you don’t have to accept you will always have it. There are many options available to help alleviate or do away with the chronic pain completely. Talk to your doctor or medical professional to see what options are available for you.

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