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ways to keep your prostate healthy

5 Ways to Keep Your Prostate Healthy 

Prostate issues often fly under the radar. This tiny gland can have grave consequences for our bodies if left unchecked, and a preventive approach towards prostate health will help you get ahead of any issues down the line. On the bright side, all it takes to keep your prostate in good shape is a little bit of consistency and planning. The road to better prostate health is a long one, and the best time to start is today.

Studies have shown that around 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Making small steps towards a healthier lifestyle, diet, and outlook will lower your chances of both benign and serious conditions such as prostate cancer. If you’re already suffering from a prostate condition, making these changes could help alleviate your symptoms. 

1. Eating Healthier

It’s common knowledge that what we eat defines our physiology to a large extent. This also applies to prostate health. Switching over to a more wholesome diet that incorporates prostate-friendly foods is an immediate and relatively easy first step. You’ll want to look out for items that are rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients, and fiber.

Contrary to popular belief, a healthier diet doesn’t necessarily have to be a boring one. Experts recommend the Mediterranean diet as a healthy and delicious alternative for people looking to make the switch. A generous amount of Omega-3 acids, antioxidants and a reduction in processed sugar will keep your cells healthier and slow down the growth of dangerous cancerous cells. This diet incorporates:

  • Healthy fats like salmon and avocados. 
  • A range of delicious fruits for dessert and snacking, including pomegranates.
  • Whole grains. 
  • An adequate serving of protein in the form of eggs and poultry.

That said, the Mediterranean diet isn’t your only alternative, and you’re free to craft your own diet plan depending on budget and local availability. You should aim to have a healthy amount of fats, reduce red meat, and increase your fiber intake through whole foods and fruits.

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2. Staying Fit

Once you’re eating healthier, keeping your body physically fit becomes much easier. Regular exercise and maintaining a reasonable body weight are directly connected to a healthy prostate. Make sure you’re consistent with your exercise schedule, particularly if you’re someone who falls into a risk-prone category. It’s not just the act of exercising but the quality of exercise that makes a difference here. Try to really exert yourself and break a sweat. 

In addition to prostate health, staying at a healthy weight and regular exercise also promotes cardiovascular functions while reducing the risk of ED. 

3. Supplements

It’s easy for blogs and strangers to prescribe a strict regimen of diet and exercise, but not everyone has both the time and money to follow those instructions to a T. Whether it’s prostate supplements for men or just a regular multivitamin for daily use, supplements can be incredibly useful for filling in gaps in your routine. They’re no substitutes for a balanced diet, but they are great as complements to help you make healthier changes.

Along with supplements, another possible course of action here is hormone restoration. Aging causes men to lose the testosterone hormone, also known as T. Men with low T will find that it becomes much easier to gain fat and harder to build muscle. There’re many ways of boosting T levels, including natural supplements like saw palmetto as well as clinical alternatives.

Keeping that in mind, you still shouldn’t take up any hormone altering supplements without consulting an expert first. There’s no telling what might not suit an individual, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

4. Fighting Stress

Never take the mind-body connection lightly. With how fast paced life is for a lot of us, high levels of stress can become habitual and passed off as normal. A stressful lifestyle can significantly damage prostate health. For example, the pelvic muscles will tense up on their own for long periods of time when a person is stressed. This can lead to damage in the long term in the form of prostatitis. 

Interestingly, stress is also related to other men’s health issues such as erectile dysfunction and urinary problems. Tackling stress early can save you from a host of different problems later, and requires no financial investment on your part. Taking care of your emotional and mental health can be as simple as a daily meditation routine, involving deep breathing and mindfulness to center yourself. 

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5. Regular Check-Ups

Health issues can creep up on the best of us, despite vigorous exercise and strict diets. Make an effort to pay a visit to the doctor on a regular basis to verify that everything’s in working order. This becomes especially important for those men who are above 40+ in age, as they can be more susceptible to prostate conditions. A single visit to an expert doesn’t take a lot of time in the long scheme of things and can help you catch potential problems before it’s too late.

A Healthier Future

It doesn’t take much to keep your prostate in good health. Maintaining a healthier lifestyle and cutting out processed foods can make all the difference if done early enough. Prostate conditions can be difficult to treat, but these small steps can help you fight back and live a happier life.