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Types of Health Screenings

Health Screening – 4 Important Types & Risks

In the growing need to observe a healthy lifestyle, scheduling a doctor’s appointment for a regular checkup can come in handy. Especially people with a family history of hereditary diseases. Checkups help to diagnose illnesses at an early stage and come up with the best possible treatment solutions to best manage the disease. Here are a few types of health screening you may want to consider on your next doctor’s appointment.

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Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Screening

The ideal reading for your blood pressure should be 120/80 millimeters of mercury. It is advisable for everyone starting from the age of 20 to have their blood pressure checked regularly. For adults aged above 40 and individuals with conditions such as obesity need to have their blood pressure checked frequently. This health screening helps to prevent heart attacks and reduce the risk of hypertension.

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Cholesterol levels in the body have a lot to contribute to blood pressure, hence medical experts came up with a tool that helps assess the risk of you developing heart disease or even suffering a stroke. The ideal level of cholesterol should be 200milligrams per deciliter. You need to have this checked often.


Breast cancer was previously thought to attack women only but in recent years there have been reported cases of men suffering from breast cancer too. The mammogram helps to screen for cancerous cells in the breasts. The machine works by compressing the breasts between plates for X-ray images to be captured. Women aged 40 years and above are encouraged to go for this health screening at least once a year.

Bone Density Screening

People who face the risk of contracting osteoporosis need to schedule an appointment for a test done on their bone density. This screening is usually done on the senior elderly in society. Individuals who suffer fractures and have low body weight should be encouraged to go for this test to ascertain their condition. The test involves lying on a table while a low dose of the X-ray machine is used to capture the images of your bones. Before taking this health screening test you need to consult with your physician on the risks and your bone density.

Dental Checkup

You need to schedule a visit to the dentist at least twice a year. Regular checkup gives the dentist a chance to clean your teeth, examine your teeth and even perform x-rays to diagnose if there are any issues within your mouth.
Going for a medical examination regularly is one of the best preventive measures you can take to better place yourself to fight illnesses in case of a diagnosis. Some of these procedures could be covered by your insurance while others may not.

Before scheduling an appointment it is wise to consult your insurance provider. You can always visit a center like MH Imaging for some of the best services with quality health screening equipment like MRI, CT scan, and Ultrasound among many others.