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top dental reasons to visit a dentist

4 Important Dental Reasons to Visit a Dentist

Biting down on a hard substance like walnut or even popcorn can cause temporary discomfort in your mouth. You might sip a hot beverage and experience a slight burn. But these issues quickly clear up and seldom pose a major problem. Other sources of mouth pain can signal a serious symptom that requires dental attention. Here are top dental reasons to keep in mind.

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Ulcer or Sore

Many people get an occasional cold sore when they come down with a virus or if they eat spicy food. A small whitish spot on the tongue or soft mouth tissues can be painful but will usually go away in a few days. After a week if the sore is still noticeable, it is one of the main dental reasons to call the dentist’s office and explain the problem to see if the sore should be evaluated in the office. While it is most likely nothing to be concerned about, an exam could rule out a possible diagnosis of oral cancer or take a biopsy for a lab evaluation.

Bleeding Gums

No one can skip bleeding gums when it comes to discussing common dental reasons. People notice their gums bleeding due to usually minor causes. One is if they are not brushing and flossing as often as they should. The gums become swollen and tender, leading to possible bleeding when brushed. You may want to visit your dental practitioner to ensure that the bleeding is minor and temporary. Then, practice effective dental hygiene to treat the problem.

Throbbing Tooth

A tooth that keeps throbbing despite mouth rinses and warm compresses might be symptomatic of a cavity or an abscess. A dental exam can check out the problem and find its cause. If a problem is detected, the dentist can arrange treatment either during that visit or at a future appointment. You may be prescribed a painkiller medication to reduce discomfort if the treatment will be done another day. Check out ways to keep your eyes healthy and types of home care for seniors to reduce doctors’ appointments.

Jaw Pain

When you notice jaw pain, it may come from various causes and can lead to other dental reasons if not treated timely. Sometimes, sleeping on that side of your cheek might put pressure on the jaw and cause it to throb temporarily. Jaw pain can also be caused by bruxism, or teeth grinding, typically done during sleep. A diseased tooth root might also be the culprit. See your dentist for an assessment of the problem and to find out if treatment is needed or if the pain will resolve on its own.

These common dental reasons can be very uncomfortable. If it persists, see your dentist to find out what’s wrong and to have the problem addressed. Check out the stages of periodontal disease.