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nicotine withdrawal Ease Yourself off of Nicotine

Nicotine Withdrawal – 4 Effective Steps to Ease Yourself off of Nicotine

The process of nicotine withdrawal can be challenging, but it’s an achievable goal. There are different ways through which you can sail through the process. Make it workable by enlightening yourself with the following tips on what to anticipate within the preliminary phases.

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Evaluate the Reasons Why You Want to Quit

Generally, many individuals have similar reasons for wanting to quit a smoking habit. However, yours may differ depending on your circumstances. You may want to create a list of your motives and ensure to have it with you at all times. That way, you can continue to add items as you recognize them. Keeping a reminder is a critical tool for helping you achieve your goals.

Consider keeping a small journal with you to write down thoughts and feelings about it, this can help you understand how to quit even more. Writing out your thoughts and feelings about your addiction can help you see your way through it. Keeping a journal is a great way to go about this.

Keep the Right Company

The knack to quit the habit permanently will depend on the company you keep. Spending more time in an environment with people who support you in meeting your objectives makes it workable. You can rely on your family and friends for support whenever you feel overwhelmed. However, some of them might not understand your struggles, more so if they have never been smokers.

Luckily, you can turn to the internet for information about options such as nicotine-free tobacco-flavored E-liquid. After you use this type of replacement, you can move on to the next stage of quitting. Many people use gum or mints to satiate the oral fixation smokers have with cigarettes. Sometimes even candy can help with this, but be sure you do not give yourself cavities in the process.

Understand When to Rationalize

The initial stages of your journey to nicotine withdrawal will feature multiple challenges, including the temptation to smoke just once. You may feel like you want nothing else apart from smoking. Addiction tends to control your mental well-being more than it may do to your physical status. Your mind will try to convince you not to quit, even when your body feels different. Be ready to battle with the mental conversation that lingers during the early stages of quitting. Such is usual for most ex-smokers.

Understanding that as part of the journey makes the recovery process less stressful. The most challenging phase is likely to take one month, if not less. But remember the physical addiction to nicotine itself only lasts for about 6 days, after that it is entirely a mental thing. Mental addiction is normally what keeps people smoking for years without success at quitting.

Prepare to Overcome Any Prompts Tempting You to Fall Back

The nicotine withdrawal process is likely to activate an urge to smoke. When nicotine starts reducing in the bloodstream, the mind moves to the past moments of smoking. That way, you will continue to experience triggers occasionally, causing an urge to smoke again. The stage may make you feel empty and in need of something critical. You can practice constraints to break from old customs, creating healthier ones. Avoid situations that typically tempt you to smoke, especially when you first start the process of quitting.

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While smoking may be hard to quit, you can employ various strategies to succeed in the process of nicotine withdrawal. Each stage requires a specific approach and comes with its set of challenges. Finally, consistency is a critical component in achieving your goals.

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