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Tips to Help You Care for and Maintain Your New Implanted Mediport

Implanted Mediport Care – How to Maintain Implanted Port Properly

Searching for implanted mediport care tips? Let’s understand what is a mediport and how you can take care of it properly at home.

A mediport also called a port-a-cath or port is a device implanted below the skin in your chest or arm. You can receive intravenous or IV medications through your port without the pain of multiple needle sticks. The following information will help you care for your newly implanted mediport.

Recovering from Your Procedure

After mediport installation, you should avoid doing lifting or strenuous activity. In five to seven days, or after your incision heals, you can resume normal activities. However, you should consult your surgeon before exercising.

Keeping the Implanted Mediport Clean

Your surgeon will place a couple of small adhesive strips over the incision. Don’t remove the strips; they must remain in place until your incision heals.

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In addition to these strips, you’ll have a larger bandage over the entire mediport area until your incision heals. You should keep this bandage clean and dry. Do not shower until your incision heals. After your incision heals, you’ll only wear a bandage when you’re receiving IV medications to keep the needle safely in place.

If you have a chest mediport, you can take a bath. Sponge bathing is your best option if your mediport is in your arm. For either option, tape a large freezer bag over the port area to keep it dry until you can begin showering again.

Staying Comfortable

Avoid clothing that rubs against the skin over your port, such as suspenders or some bra styles. Carrying the medical alert information card you receive after your procedure ensures you receive proper emergency care. Wearing a medical alert bracelet can also give you similar peace of mind.

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Monitoring Your Mediport

Since mediport implantation is a surgical procedure, you should expect mild pain and redness in the area. Take any medications as prescribed. Call your surgeon if you have a fever, drainage, redness, swelling, or pain.

Proper care of your newly implanted mediport is vital to its long-term success. Avoiding post-installation infection and other complications will give you a head start with successful treatment. Your implanted mediport can deliver medication without painful needle sticks for days, months, or even years with proper care.

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